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VO Presentation to the CfA - 2009 Apr 14

Links and Materials


Alyssa Goodman: What the VO once was, What it is now, and How I think it can lead to Seamless Astronomy Poster in PDF. Keynote file in PDF format.

Eli Bressert: Basic Demonstration of Google Sky, MIPSGAL / GLIMPSE, Sky Interactive Database

Gus Muench: Basic Demonstration of Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope Web Version

Jonathan Foster: How you can put your data up in Google Sky & WWT COMPLETE in Google Sky COMPLETE in WWT How to put data in Sky

Doug Finkbeiner: astrometry.net

Pavlos Protopapas: The Time Series Center, Similarity Search, Web Services

William Joye: How does DS9 fit in to this scheme? SAOImage DS9

Doug Burke: The real meaning of "Semantic Search" [Chandra Short-Term Schedule Browser Demonstration]

Accomazzi/Kurtz: [Plans for the New ADS]

Shetty (& Cox?): Simulation Output in the VO Model [ Link to Taste Testing site ][ Link to PDF]

I. Evans: Chandra Source Catalog Interface Demo Chandra Source Catalog

Rots: Data Models, VO Table, Why Middleware Matters & Where that's Going: powerpoint

Pepi Fabbiano: More tools we haven't shown, how to find them & how what you've heard today fits into official US & International (funding) plans for VO & "VAO"
NVO, IVOA , power-point

Concluding Discussion: How should CfA Participate in the Creation of this "New (Seamless) Astronomy"? (hosted by Goodman/Fabbiano/Hanisch)

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